Restaurant Idea #1

It’s no coincidence that I’m posting this on the same day the Grammy’s were held – what a beautiful presentation they put on.

I love sushi, and had a nice dinner with a friend earlier this week.   Great company, we laughed a lot.  I asked our unsuspecting waitress whether there was any fresh narwhal on the menu – nope.  Both of us are music fans, so that topic came up a few times, and later we had an idea: we could start a music-themed sushi restaurant.   Stay with me, here.

With all due respect and adoration for the referenced artists, we could open a music-themed sushi restaurant and could have things on the menu like:

  1. Toto Destruction roll : there’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do, this spicy roll would bless the rains down in Africa.
  2. The Perry Fare roll : this roll will rock you, like he does.
  3. The Miso Solly roll : apologies.
  4. The Phish roll : E.A.’s favorite.
  5. The King Crab Crimson roll : good with a shot of whiskey and a cold beer.
  6. The Knee Eel Diamond roll : this one had the properties of an aphrodisiac; afterwards it’s going to be hard to keep your panties on, those of you who wear them.
  7. The Leftover Salmon roll : props to my Boulder homies, thank you for all the barn-burner shin digs back in the 90’s.
  8. A Rainbow In The Dark Roll : this roll puts the “O” in Dio, as in “Oh, yeah that rocks”.
  9. We could have a 50 Cent roll and charge a hundred dollars for it. If that’s OK with him. You can find me in da club, if anyone needs to talk about this one.
  10. The Rock and Roll…roll : for those of us who appreciate banality, this one pairs well with the Roll Out The Barrel roll.
  11. The Diana Ross Might roll : you’ve never had a dynamite roll like this one.
  12. The Fight the Foo (d) roll : had to have something on the menu for my favorite band.
  13. The Zeppelin Mud Shark roll : you’ll be Led to the bedroom after sharing this one with your partner.  My other favorite band.
  14. The Spice Tuna Girls roll : at this point our conversation started transforming, and our idea became dual-themed, for some reason – music and sex.
  15. The C U Next Tuesday roll : I was like, “wait a second, what does that have to do with music!?”
  16. The Two In The Pink, One In The Stink roll : this was the perfect closer in the conversation, covering both themes.

What do you think, any additional ideas?

I’d never actually execute on this plan, for the record – it’s all about the laughs.

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